Best 23 Two Can Keep A Secret Quotes

Best 23 “Two Can Keep A Secret” Quotes

“Two Can Keep A Secret” is a popular phrase that has been used in various contexts, especially in literature and movies. It holds a certain intrigue and mystery, making it a captivating topic to explore. In this article, we present the best 23 quotes related to this phrase, each offering a unique perspective on secrets and their consequences.

1. “Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead.” – Benjamin Franklin
This quote by Benjamin Franklin emphasizes the idea that secrets can be dangerous, and sometimes the only way to ensure their protection is through silence.

2. “The problem with secrets is that they weigh you down; you have to carry them all by yourself.” – Anonymous
This quote highlights the burden that secrets can place on an individual. Keeping secrets can be emotionally exhausting and isolating.

3. “A secret’s worth depends on the people from whom it must be kept.” – Carlos Ruiz Zafón
Carlos Ruiz Zafón reminds us that the value of a secret lies in the significance of the people involved. Some secrets may need to be kept from certain individuals, while others may need to be shared with trusted confidants.

4. “The best way to keep a secret is to pretend there isn’t one.” – Margaret Atwood
Margaret Atwood suggests that sometimes the best way to keep a secret is to act as if it doesn’t exist. By diverting attention away from the secret, it becomes less likely to be discovered.

5. “Secrets have a way of making themselves known even when you don’t want them to.” – Sara Shepard
Sara Shepard emphasizes the notion that secrets have a tendency to reveal themselves, often at the most inconvenient times. This quote serves as a reminder that secrets can have unintended consequences.

6. “Secrets are like ghosts. They follow you, haunting your every step.” – Jennifer Donnelly
Jennifer Donnelly compares secrets to ghosts, implying that they linger and haunt those who carry them. They can have a psychological impact, constantly reminding individuals of their hidden truths.

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7. “Secrets are like knives; they can cut deep and leave lasting scars.” – Emily Dickinson
Emily Dickinson’s quote compares secrets to knives, highlighting their potential to wound and cause lasting damage. It serves as a cautionary reminder of the potential harm secrets can inflict.

8. “The biggest secrets are the ones we keep from ourselves.” – Harlan Coben
Harlan Coben suggests that the most significant secrets are often the ones we hide from ourselves. This quote encourages self-reflection and the exploration of one’s own hidden truths.

9. “We all have secrets we keep locked away from the world. Breaking free means facing them head-on.” – Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Jennifer Lynn Barnes emphasizes the importance of confronting our secrets rather than allowing them to control us. Acknowledging and addressing our hidden truths can lead to personal growth and liberation.

10. “The truth will set you free, but first, it will make you miserable.” – James A. Garfield
James A. Garfield’s quote implies that revealing a secret can be a challenging and painful process. However, once the truth is exposed, it has the power to bring freedom and relief.

11. “Secrets are like boomerangs. They always come back to you.” – Unknown
This quote suggests that secrets have a way of resurfacing, regardless of how hard we try to bury them. It emphasizes the inevitability of secrets being discovered or revealed.

12. “A secret is only a secret until someone else finds out.” – Michael Scott
Michael Scott’s lighthearted quote from “The Office” humorously reminds us that secrets are only truly secrets until someone else becomes aware of them. It showcases the unpredictability of keeping secrets.

13. “The weight of a secret can crush you if you let it.” – Richelle Mead
Richelle Mead’s quote serves as a cautionary reminder of the potential emotional toll secrets can take. It encourages individuals to find healthy ways to cope with the burden of secrecy.

14. “Secrets are like poison. They slowly destroy you from the inside.” – Anonymous
This anonymous quote likens secrets to poison, emphasizing their destructive nature. It highlights the importance of addressing and releasing secrets before they cause irreparable harm.

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15. “A secret is something you tell one person at a time.” – Robert Frost
Robert Frost’s quote reflects the selective nature of sharing secrets. It suggests that secrets are meant to be shared in a controlled manner, rather than divulged to everyone at once.

16. “The truth may hurt, but it is always better than living a lie.” – V.C. Andrews
V.C. Andrews reminds us that living a life built on lies and secrets can be more detrimental than facing the painful truth. This quote encourages honesty and authenticity.

17. “Secrets are the currency of intimacy.” – Frank Warren
Frank Warren’s quote suggests that sharing secrets can deepen connections and foster intimacy between individuals. It highlights the vulnerability and trust required to share personal truths.

18. “Every secret you hide weakens you. Every secret revealed strengthens you.” – Kamand Kojouri
Kamand Kojouri’s quote emphasizes the transformative power of sharing secrets. By releasing secrets, individuals can experience personal growth and empowerment.

19. “A secret shared is a secret halved.” – Unknown
This quote implies that sharing a secret with someone else alleviates the burden and lessens the emotional weight. It emphasizes the importance of finding trustworthy individuals to confide in.

20. “Secrets are like time bombs; they eventually explode.” – Unknown
This quote suggests that secrets, if left unaddressed, can have explosive consequences. It serves as a reminder that secrets should not be ignored or left unresolved, as they may cause significant damage.

21. “Secrets are the currency of power.” – Unknown
This quote implies that possessing secrets can grant individuals a certain level of power and control. It highlights the potential manipulative nature of secrets in relationships and society.

22. “Sometimes the biggest secrets are the ones we keep from ourselves.” – Scott Turow
Scott Turow’s quote echoes Harlan Coben’s sentiment, emphasizing that individuals can unknowingly harbor significant secrets even from their own self-awareness. It encourages introspection and self-discovery.

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23. “To keep your secrets safe, be careful who you share them with.” – Unknown
This quote suggests that sharing secrets should be done selectively and with trusted individuals. It serves as a reminder to exercise caution when entrusting others with our personal truths.


Q: Why are secrets so intriguing?
A: Secrets carry a sense of mystery and exclusivity, appealing to our curiosity and desire for insider knowledge. They provide a sense of power and create a bond between those who share them.

Q: Are all secrets harmful?
A: Not all secrets are harmful. Some can be necessary for maintaining privacy, protecting oneself or others, or respecting confidentiality. However, harmful secrets, such as those involving deception or manipulation, can have negative consequences.

Q: How do secrets affect mental health?
A: Secrets can have a significant impact on mental health. They can lead to increased stress, anxiety, guilt, and feelings of isolation. Unresolved secrets may also contribute to depression or other mental health conditions.

Q: Should all secrets be shared?
A: The decision to share a secret depends on various factors, such as the nature of the secret, its impact on others, and the potential benefits or harm that may result from its disclosure. It is essential to consider these factors before deciding whether or not to share a secret.

Q: How can one cope with the burden of secrets?
A: Coping with the burden of secrets can be challenging. Seeking support from trusted individuals, engaging in self-reflection, and seeking professional help, if necessary, are all healthy ways to manage the emotional weight of secrets.

In conclusion, these 23 quotes provide valuable insights into the world of secrets and their impact on individuals. Whether highlighting the dangers, burdens, or transformative power of secrets, each quote offers a unique perspective on this intriguing aspect of human nature. Remember, while some secrets may be harmless or necessary, it is essential to navigate the complexities of secrecy with care and consideration for oneself and others.