Best 23 Tuca And Bertie Quotes

Best 23 Tuca And Bertie Quotes: Celebrating Friendship and Empowerment

Tuca and Bertie is an animated adult comedy series that premiered on Netflix in 2019. Created by Lisa Hanawalt, the show follows the lives of two bird-women, Tuca and Bertie, as they navigate the ups and downs of adulthood, friendship, and personal growth. Filled with hilarious moments and heartfelt messages, Tuca and Bertie has won the hearts of viewers worldwide. In this article, we will explore 23 of the best quotes from the show that capture its essence and celebrate the power of friendship and empowerment.

1. “You are the architect of your own happiness.” – Tuca
Tuca’s words remind us that we have the power to shape our own happiness and take control of our lives.

2. “Sometimes, we have to confront our fears head-on.” – Bertie
Bertie’s quote encourages us to face our fears and challenges, reminding us that growth often comes from stepping out of our comfort zones.

3. “Boundaries are important. You don’t have to be nice to everyone all the time.” – Tuca
Tuca’s reminder emphasizes the importance of setting boundaries and prioritizing our own well-being.

4. “You can’t change people, but you can change how you react to them.” – Bertie
Bertie’s quote reminds us that we can’t control others, but we can control our response, which ultimately shapes our own happiness.

5. “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” – Tuca
Tuca’s empowering quote highlights the importance of self-confidence and not letting others undermine our self-worth.

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6. “You don’t have to have it all figured out. Just follow your instincts.” – Bertie
Bertie’s quote reassures us that it’s okay not to have all the answers, and sometimes, following our instincts can lead us in the right direction.

7. “It’s okay to take a break and prioritize self-care.” – Tuca
Tuca reminds us that self-care is crucial in maintaining our mental and emotional well-being.

8. “Sometimes, it’s the little things that bring us the most joy.” – Bertie
Bertie’s quote reminds us to appreciate the small moments in life that often bring us the most happiness.

9. “You deserve to be heard and respected.” – Tuca
Tuca’s empowering quote reminds us of our worth and the importance of being treated with respect.

10. “Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.” – Bertie
Bertie encourages us to seek support and reach out when we need assistance, reminding us that it’s okay to ask for help.

11. “Embrace your quirks. They make you unique.” – Tuca
Tuca’s quote celebrates individuality and encourages us to embrace our unique qualities.

12. “Friendship is a lifeline in the chaos of life.” – Bertie
Bertie’s quote highlights the significance of friendship and the support it provides during difficult times.

13. “You don’t have to conform to societal expectations. Be your authentic self.” – Tuca
Tuca’s words empower us to be true to ourselves and not be constrained by societal norms.

14. “Sometimes, the best way to find yourself is to get lost.” – Bertie
Bertie’s quote reminds us that sometimes we need to step outside our comfort zones to discover who we truly are.

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15. “Your voice matters. Don’t be afraid to speak up.” – Tuca
Tuca’s empowering quote encourages us to use our voices and share our opinions without fear.

16. “It’s never too late to pursue your dreams.” – Bertie
Bertie’s quote reminds us that age should never be a barrier to pursuing our passions and dreams.

17. “You are stronger than you think.” – Tuca
Tuca’s reminder empowers us to recognize our inner strength and resilience.

18. “Sometimes, vulnerability is our greatest strength.” – Bertie
Bertie’s quote celebrates the power of vulnerability and how it can lead to personal growth and deeper connections.

19. “Don’t let setbacks define you. Keep pushing forward.” – Tuca
Tuca’s quote encourages us to persevere through setbacks and challenges, reminding us that we have the strength to overcome them.

20. “It’s important to prioritize your mental health.” – Bertie
Bertie’s reminder emphasizes the significance of mental health and the need to prioritize self-care.

21. “You are never alone. Reach out to your loved ones for support.” – Tuca
Tuca’s quote reminds us that we are never alone, and our loved ones are there to offer support and comfort.

22. “Celebrate your successes, no matter how small.” – Bertie
Bertie’s quote encourages us to acknowledge and celebrate even the smallest achievements in our lives.

23. “Remember, you are enough just as you are.” – Tuca
Tuca’s final quote serves as a powerful reminder that we are worthy and deserving of love and acceptance, just as we are.


Q: Is Tuca and Bertie suitable for all audiences?
A: While Tuca and Bertie is an animated series, it is intended for adult audiences due to its mature themes and content.

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Q: How many seasons of Tuca and Bertie are there?
A: As of now, Tuca and Bertie has one season with ten episodes. However, a second season is in the works.

Q: Where can I watch Tuca and Bertie?
A: Tuca and Bertie is exclusively available for streaming on Netflix.

Q: Is Tuca and Bertie only about comedy?
A: While Tuca and Bertie is primarily a comedy series, it also delves into deeper themes such as friendship, personal growth, and mental health.

Q: Who voices Tuca and Bertie?
A: Tuca is voiced by Tiffany Haddish, while Bertie is voiced by Ali Wong.

In conclusion, Tuca and Bertie is a delightful series that combines humor, heart, and empowering messages. The quotes mentioned above capture the essence of the show, celebrating friendship, self-discovery, and the importance of embracing our authentic selves. Whether you’re in need of a good laugh or some inspiration, Tuca and Bertie has something to offer. So, grab your popcorn and tune in to this animated gem on Netflix.