Best 23 Quote From Knocked Up

Best 23 Quotes From “Knocked Up”

“Knocked Up” is a hilarious romantic comedy directed by Judd Apatow, released in 2007. The film follows the story of Ben Stone (played by Seth Rogen) and Alison Scott (played by Katherine Heigl) as they navigate an unexpected pregnancy and the challenges that come with it. Filled with witty and memorable lines, here are the best 23 quotes from “Knocked Up”.

1. “Marriage is like a tense, unfunny version of ‘Everybody Loves Raymond,’ only it doesn’t last 22 minutes. It lasts forever.” – Pete

2. “I think I’m pregnant.” – Alison
“With emotion?” – Ben

3. “You look like Babe Ruth’s gay brother… Gabe Ruth.” – Ben

4. “She’s got a small baby inside of her, and I’m pro-life.” – Ben

5. “She’s a doctor, she’s smart, she’s cool, she’s hot, you don’t have to worry about her getting all fat and gross.” – Pete

6. “I’m pregnant. I’m carrying a baby.” – Alison
“That’s weird. I thought only women did that.” – Ben

7. “You know, I heard that pregnant women can have sex until their third trimester.” – Jonah
“Who told you that?” – Ben
“My mom.” – Jonah

8. “Just because I’m pregnant, you don’t think I want to go out and party? I can’t drink, so I’m going to dance my ass off!” – Alison

9. “I’m not ready for a kid. I don’t even know how to make French toast.” – Ben

10. “You know how they say pregnant women can have sex until their third trimester? I think I’m gonna keep going till the ninth.” – Ben

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11. “Why don’t you just go enjoy yourself? Go have some fun!”
“How am I supposed to do that? I’m pregnant.” – Alison
“Well, I was just thinking, you could pretend to be pregnant, maybe.” – Ben

12. “I wish I liked anything as much as my kids like bubbles.” – Pete

13. “I’m just saying, if you’ve already had the baby, you don’t need to make the house look like you’re still expecting.” – Ben

14. “You know, they say pregnant women have a better sense of smell. That’s not true. But you can smell everything, even things that aren’t there. Like a smell ghost.” – Ben

15. “I know I’m not perfect, but I wanna be with someone who appreciates me.” – Alison
“I appreciate you.” – Ben
“You don’t count. You’re like my dad’s age.” – Alison

16. “I don’t want to be one of those [expletive] old guys in the club, you know? You see them at the club, it’s sad. You can see it in their face, like ‘I used to be something.'” – Ben

17. “Oh, great. Now I’m gonna get fat and die alone.” – Alison

18. “I’m not trying to be rude, but I have a life too.” – Alison
“No, you don’t. You have a baby inside you.” – Ben

19. “You’re not ready to have this baby. I mean, look at you. You’re a child yourself.” – Debbie
“I’m not a child. I’m a man. I’m a man-child.” – Ben

20. “I’m gonna go home and have a great night with my wife.” – Pete
“You’re not married.” – Ben
“Not yet.” – Pete

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21. “You know what? I think that I might be pregnant too.”
“You’re not pregnant, Jay.” – Ben
“No, but I feel bloated.” – Jay

22. “I’m not ready to be a father. I barely even know how to be a grown-up.” – Ben

23. “You know, there are a lot of childless couples who’d love to adopt. You’re not special.” – Debbie


Q: Who directed the movie “Knocked Up”?
A: Judd Apatow directed the movie “Knocked Up”.

Q: When was “Knocked Up” released?
A: “Knocked Up” was released in 2007.

Q: Who played the lead roles in “Knocked Up”?
A: Seth Rogen played the character of Ben Stone, and Katherine Heigl played the character of Alison Scott.

Q: What is the movie about?
A: “Knocked Up” is a romantic comedy about an unexpected pregnancy and the challenges faced by the couple, Ben and Alison, as they navigate their new reality.

Q: Are there any memorable quotes in the movie?
A: Yes, the movie is filled with witty and memorable quotes that add to its comedic charm.

Q: Is “Knocked Up” a family-friendly movie?
A: While “Knocked Up” is a comedy, it contains adult humor and some explicit language. It may not be suitable for younger audiences.

Q: Is “Knocked Up” a sequel to any other movie?
A: No, “Knocked Up” is a standalone film and not a sequel to any other movie.

Q: Did “Knocked Up” receive positive reviews?
A: Yes, “Knocked Up” received generally positive reviews from critics and was praised for its humor and performances.

In conclusion, “Knocked Up” is a comedy film that provides viewers with plenty of laughs and memorable quotes. The film’s talented cast, led by Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl, brings the characters to life, making it an enjoyable watch for fans of romantic comedies.

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