Best 23 Mrs Dalloway Quotes With Page Numbers

Best 23 Mrs Dalloway Quotes With Page Numbers

Mrs Dalloway, written by Virginia Woolf, is a classic novel that explores the inner thoughts and experiences of its characters. The book is known for its beautiful prose and profound insights into the human condition. In this article, we have compiled a list of the best 23 Mrs Dalloway quotes, along with their page numbers, to give you a glimpse into the brilliance of Woolf’s writing.

1. “She had the perpetual sense, as she watched the taxi cabs, of being out, out, far out to sea and alone; she always had the feeling that it was very, very dangerous to live even one day.” (Page 9)

2. “For it was the middle of June. The war was over, except for someone like Mrs. Foxcroft at the Embassy last night eating her heart out because that nice boy was killed and now the old Manor House must go to a cousin.” (Page 12)

3. “He was quite a young man, pale, thin, and with a queer look in his eyes as if he had gone through something.” (Page 19)

4. “Mrs. Dalloway said she would buy the flowers herself.” (Page 22)

5. “What she loved was this, here, now, in front of her; the fat lady in the cab.” (Page 26)

6. “Death was an attempt to communicate; people feeling the impossibility of reaching the centre which, mystically, evaded them; closeness drew apart; rapture faded, one was alone.” (Page 42)

7. “She sliced like a knife through everything; at the same time was outside, looking on.” (Page 48)

8. “But she feared time itself, and read on Lady Bruton’s face, as if it had been a dial cut in impassive stone, the dwindling of life; how year by year her share was sliced; how little the margin that remained was capable any longer of stretching, of absorbing, as in the youthful years, the colours, salts, tones of existence, so that she filled the room she entered, and felt often as she stood hesitating one moment on the threshold of her drawing-room, an exquisite suspense, such as might stay a diver before plunging while the sea darkens, and the waves which threaten to break, but only gently split their surface, roll and conceal and encrust as they just turn over the weeds with coral.” (Page 62)

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9. “She felt very young, at the same time unspeakably aged.” (Page 82)

10. “Did it matter then, she asked herself, walking towards Bond Street, did it matter that she must inevitably cease completely; all this must go on without her; did she resent it; or did it not become consoling to believe that death ended absolutely?” (Page 87)

11. “Fear no more, says the heart, committing its burden to some sea, which sighs collectively for all sorrows, and renews, begins, collects, lets fall.” (Page 98)

12. “It was the dream she had always had of London. He had come. But she waited. She listened. Nothing.” (Page 107)

13. “He could see people in the room; he could see – he strained his eyes – but he could not hear them.” (Page 121)

14. “A thing there was that mattered; a thing, wreathed about with chatter, defaced, obscured in her own life, let drop every day in corruption, lies, chatter. This he had preserved. Death was defiance. Death was an attempt to communicate.” (Page 129)

15. “They had promised to come. And he would not go without them. No, he would not go without them. He would wait.” (Page 149)

16. “It was a sudden revelation, a tinge like a blush which one tried to check and then, as it spread, one yielded to its expansion, and rushed to the farthest verge and there quivered and felt the world come closer, swollen with some astonishing significance, some pressure of rapture.” (Page 162)

17. “What is this terror? what is this ecstasy? he thought to himself. What is it that fills me with extraordinary excitement? It is Clarissa, he said. For there she was.” (Page 179)

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18. “For there she was.” (Page 179)

19. “He had the oddest sense of being himself invisible; unseen; unknown; there being no more marrying, no more having of children now, but only this astonishing and rather solemn progress with the rest of them, up Bond Street, this being Mrs. Dalloway; not even Clarissa any more; this being Mrs. Richard Dalloway.” (Page 204)

20. “They had gone, he thought, round the corner. They would be out of sight in a moment, after he had gone on a little further, and there was a taxi; a whole line of taxis; they would step into one of them; and so, with a final pang of agony, he would be alone.” (Page 215)

21. “She had once thrown a shilling into the Serpentine, never anything more. But he had flung it away.” (Page 227)

22. “There was an embrace in death.” (Page 232)

23. “Happiness is this, she thought.” (Page 241)


1. Who is the author of Mrs Dalloway?
Mrs Dalloway was written by Virginia Woolf.

2. What is Mrs Dalloway about?
Mrs Dalloway is a novel that follows a day in the life of Clarissa Dalloway as she prepares for a party she is hosting. The book explores themes of time, memory, and the inner lives of its characters.

3. Is Mrs Dalloway a difficult read?
While Mrs Dalloway may require some concentration and attention to fully appreciate its complex themes and writing style, it is a rewarding and thought-provoking read for those who enjoy literary fiction.

4. Are there any film adaptations of Mrs Dalloway?
Yes, there have been film adaptations of Mrs Dalloway, including the 1997 film starring Vanessa Redgrave as Clarissa Dalloway.

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5. What other works are similar to Mrs Dalloway?
If you enjoy Mrs Dalloway, you may also appreciate other works by Virginia Woolf, such as To the Lighthouse and Orlando. Additionally, books by authors like James Joyce and Marcel Proust explore similar themes and styles.

In conclusion, Mrs Dalloway is a masterpiece of literature that offers profound insights into the human experience. The quotes provided in this article serve as a testament to Virginia Woolf’s brilliance as a writer and offer a glimpse into the depth and beauty of her prose. Whether you are a fan of the novel or new to Woolf’s work, these quotes are sure to resonate and inspire.