Best 23 Hustle Man From Martin Quotes

Best 23 Hustle Man From Martin Quotes

Martin Lawrence’s hit sitcom “Martin” was full of colorful characters, but one that always stood out was the lovable and hilarious Hustle Man. Played by Tracy Morgan, Hustle Man was known for his questionable business ventures and his knack for always having something to sell. Here, we’ve compiled the best 23 Hustle Man quotes from the show that will surely give you a good laugh.

1. “Hey, playa, you need a new TV? I got one that fell off the back of a truck. It’s only slightly used.”

2. “I got them designer knockoffs, man. You want a Louis Vuitton bag? I got a Fouis Luitton!”

3. “I’m like the Robin Hood of the hood, man. I take from the rich and give to myself.”

4. “I got this miracle hair growth formula. Rub it on your head, and you’ll have hair like mine in no time.”

5. “You need a new ride? I got a car that’s missing a few parts, but hey, it runs!”

6. “I’m the king of the side hustle, man. I got more side hustles than a centipede got legs.”

7. “You thirsty? I got some water bottles that fell off a delivery truck. It’s only slightly expired.”

8. “You need some cologne? I got some that smells like success. Guaranteed to attract all the ladies.”

9. “I got these sneakers that were supposed to go to Michael Jordan, but he said they were too fly for him.”

10. “I got a business proposition for you, man. It’s a pyramid scheme, but trust me, it’s gonna make you rich.”

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11. “You need a new phone? I got this one that fell off a truck. It only has a few scratches.”

12. “I got a deal for you, man. I can get you a discount on anything you want – as long as it’s stolen.”

13. “I’m like the Tony Robbins of the hood, man. I got motivational tapes that will change your life.”

14. “You hungry? I got some hot dogs that fell off a hot dog cart. They’re a little expired, but they still taste good.”

15. “I got these concert tickets for half the price. Sure, they might be counterfeit, but who cares?”

16. “I got this get-rich-quick scheme, man. All you gotta do is give me your life savings, and I’ll make you a millionaire.”

17. “I got this magic weight loss pill. Take one, and you’ll lose 10 pounds overnight. Guaranteed!”

18. “You need a new watch? I got this Rolex that fell off a truck. It might be missing a few diamonds, but it still tells time.”

19. “I got these DVDs that are still in theaters. Don’t worry, I filmed them myself.”

20. “I got this foolproof investment opportunity, man. All you gotta do is give me your money, and I’ll double it.”

21. “You need a new computer? I got this one that fell off a delivery truck. It might have a few viruses, but hey, it’s free!”

22. “I got these sunglasses that fell off a celebrity’s face. They might be slightly used, but they’ll make you look cool.”

23. “I’m the hustler with the heart of gold, man. I might sell you something shady, but I’ll always give you a good deal.”

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q: Is Hustle Man a real character?
A: No, Hustle Man is a fictional character played by Tracy Morgan on the TV show “Martin.”

Q: Did Tracy Morgan improvise his lines as Hustle Man?
A: Yes, Tracy Morgan often improvised his lines as Hustle Man, adding his unique comedic touch to the character.

Q: Are any of Hustle Man’s deals legitimate?
A: No, Hustle Man’s deals are all fictional and meant for comedic purposes on the show.

Q: What other characters did Tracy Morgan play on “Martin”?
A: Tracy Morgan only portrayed the character of Hustle Man on the show “Martin.”

Q: What made Hustle Man such a popular character?
A: Hustle Man’s hilarious antics and his constant pursuit of a side hustle made him a fan favorite on the show. His outlandish quotes and Tracy Morgan’s comedic talent brought the character to life.

In conclusion, Hustle Man from “Martin” was known for his outrageous business ventures and hilarious quotes. Tracy Morgan’s portrayal of the character brought laughter to the audience with his knack for always having something to sell. Whether it was knockoff designer items or questionable investment opportunities, Hustle Man was the epitome of a hustler with a heart of gold. And even though his deals were fictional, they will always be remembered as some of the most entertaining moments on the show.