Best 23 Feelings ArenʼT Real Quote

Title: Best 23 “Feelings Aren’t Real” Quotes: Embrace Your Rationality


In life, we often find ourselves overwhelmed by emotions, making important decisions based solely on how we feel at a given moment. However, there are times when our feelings can cloud our judgment, leading us astray from what truly matters. This collection of the best 23 “Feelings Aren’t Real” quotes serves as a reminder to embrace rationality and think critically before succumbing to our emotions.

Feelings Aren’t Real Quotes:

1. “Feelings are just visitors, let them come and go.” – Mooji
2. “Don’t let your emotions make decisions for you. Feelings come and go; wisdom remains.” – Unknown
3. “Your feelings are valid, but they are not the ultimate truth.” – Unknown
4. “Feelings are like waves, we can’t stop them from coming, but we can choose which ones to surf.” – Jonatan Martensson
5. “Don’t let your emotions dictate your actions; let your actions dictate your emotions.” – Unknown

6. “Feelings are not facts, and they don’t define your reality.” – Unknown
7. “When emotions run high, intelligence runs low.” – Unknown
8. “Feelings are temporary, but actions have lasting consequences.” – Unknown
9. “Don’t let your emotions blind you from seeing the bigger picture.” – Unknown
10. “Emotions are not reliable guides, but critical thinking is.” – Unknown

11. “Feelings are fleeting, but rationality is constant.” – Unknown
12. “Don’t let your feelings make permanent decisions for temporary circumstances.” – Unknown
13. “Feelings are like clouds; they may obscure the sun, but they cannot extinguish it.” – Unknown
14. “Emotions can be deceptive; always trust the wisdom of your mind.” – Unknown
15. “Feelings are not facts; they are simply interpretations of reality.” – Unknown

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16. “Just because you feel it, doesn’t make it true.” – Unknown
17. “Your feelings are valid, but they should never be the sole determinant of your actions.” – Unknown
18. “Feelings can be manipulated; always question their authenticity.” – Unknown
19. “Don’t let your emotions hijack your logic.” – Unknown
20. “Feelings are the weather, but reason is the compass.” – Unknown

21. “Don’t let your emotions hold the steering wheel of your life.” – Unknown
22. “Feelings are powerful, but they should never overpower reason.” – Unknown
23. “When in doubt, rely on logic, not emotions.” – Unknown


Q1. Are feelings completely invalid?
While feelings are an integral part of being human, they should not be considered the sole basis for making decisions. Validating our emotions is important, but it is equally crucial to balance them with rational thinking.

Q2. Can feelings ever be trustworthy?
Feelings can sometimes provide valuable insights into our experiences, but they should not be blindly trusted. It is essential to critically evaluate our emotions and consider other factors before making important decisions.

Q3. How can we embrace rationality without suppressing our emotions?
Embracing rationality does not mean suppressing emotions. Rather, it involves acknowledging and understanding our feelings while ensuring they do not control our actions. By striking a balance between emotions and rationality, we can make more informed choices.

Q4. What role does critical thinking play in managing emotions?
Critical thinking allows us to examine our emotions objectively, separate them from the facts, and make sound judgments. It helps us avoid impulsive decisions driven solely by our feelings and guides us towards more logical choices.

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Q5. Are there times when emotions should be prioritized over rationality?
While rationality should be a guiding principle, there are situations where emotions play a vital role. For instance, in personal relationships or situations requiring empathy, understanding and embracing emotions can lead to better outcomes.


These 23 insightful quotes remind us that feelings, though valid and important, should not be the sole determinants of our actions. By embracing rationality, critical thinking, and balancing our emotions, we can make more informed decisions and navigate through life with clarity and wisdom. Remember, feelings may come and go, but your intellect remains a constant compass.