Best 23 CanʼT Wait To Hold You Quotes

Best 23 Can’t Wait to Hold You Quotes

There is something incredibly special about the anticipation and excitement of holding someone you deeply care for. Whether it’s your partner, a family member, or a close friend, the desire to embrace them can be overwhelming. To capture the essence of this longing and affection, we have compiled the best 23 “Can’t Wait to Hold You” quotes that express the depth of this emotion. These quotes are sure to resonate with anyone eagerly waiting to hold their loved ones close.

1. “My arms ache to hold you, to feel your warmth against my skin, and to never let go.”

2. “Every second feels like eternity until I can finally wrap my arms around you.”

3. “The distance between us only fuels my desire to hold you tighter when we are reunited.”

4. “Your presence alone is enough to make my heart yearn for the moment when I can hold you in my arms.”

5. “Nothing compares to the feeling of holding you close and knowing that you are mine.”

6. “I long for the day when I can hold you, kiss you, and never have to let you go.”

7. “There is a magnetic force drawing me towards you, and it’s the need to hold you in my embrace.”

8. “The moment I hold you, all my worries and troubles melt away, leaving only the purest form of love.”

9. “My soul craves the touch of your skin, the warmth of your body, and the comfort of your presence.”

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10. “I count down the minutes, hours, and days until I can feel the weight of your body against mine.”

11. “Your absence leaves an empty space in my arms that only you can fill.”

12. “No distance can diminish the intensity of my longing to hold you.”

13. “The thought of finally holding you consumes my every waking moment.”

14. “My arms are restless without you, constantly searching for the comfort that only your embrace can provide.”

15. “I yearn for the day when I can hold you and feel complete once again.”

16. “The simple act of holding you brings me a sense of tranquility that words cannot describe.”

17. “In your arms, I find solace and strength. I can’t wait for that feeling of security again.”

18. “My heart skips a beat at the mere thought of the moment we can hold each other.”

19. “The world fades away when I hold you, leaving only the two of us in our own little bubble of love.”

20. “I imagine the sensation of your touch, and it’s like fireworks igniting within me.”

21. “Just knowing that soon I’ll be able to hold you is enough to make my heart race with excitement.”

22. “The wait feels unbearable, but the reward of holding you will be worth every second.”

23. “The distance may be great, but the strength of my love for you is even greater. I can’t wait to hold you.”


Q: How can I cope with the longing to hold someone I can’t be with right now?
A: It’s important to remember that distance doesn’t diminish love; it only intensifies it. Stay connected with your loved one through regular communication, such as video calls or messages. Plan future reunions and focus on the joy that holding them will bring when the time comes.

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Q: How can I express my longing to hold someone in words?
A: Use these quotes as inspiration to convey your emotions. Write them a heartfelt letter, send them a meaningful message, or express yourself through poetry. Be honest and open about your feelings, and let them know how much you yearn for their touch.

Q: Is it normal to miss someone so much that it physically hurts?
A: Yes, it is normal. Longing for someone you care deeply about can evoke intense emotions, which may manifest as physical pain. Remember that this pain is a testament to the depth of your love and the significance of your relationship. Seek support from friends and family during these challenging times.

Q: How can I make the wait to hold someone more bearable?
A: Focus on self-care and personal growth. Engage in activities that bring you joy, pursue hobbies, and spend time with loved ones. Keep yourself occupied while looking forward to the day you can hold that special someone. Remember that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and the anticipation will make the moment even more precious.

In conclusion, the desire to hold someone close is a universal longing that transcends distance and time. These quotes encapsulate the yearning and anticipation that comes with waiting to hold someone dear. Whether it’s a partner, family member, or friend, the act of embracing them signifies love, comfort, and security. While the wait may be challenging, the reward of finally holding them will be immeasurable.